New Name to Reflect Focus

New Name to Reflect Focus

Atalanta Vision’s Texas nonprofit 501(c)3 organization The Open Door Documentary, Inc. is changing its name to REAL2REEL, Inc. to focus greater attention on its mission of CREATIVE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT (CYD) to increase college participation.  REEL2REAL will utilize the power of film as a reframing and motivational tool to engage students to:

-Visualize their future selves
-Become connected to their higher purpose
-Explore social issues
-Inspire others
-Effect change in their communities
-And become the heroes of their own lives

Atalanta Visions is the primary sponsor of this program and we are excited to report that REAL2REEL will launch its first CYD filmmaking program this fall in North Houston.  Similar programs report higher rates of college participation for low income students*.  For more info visit

* in San Antonio  and in Austin

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