AJ Murray Interviews Megan Fry About MY HILARIOUS LIFE

AJ Murray Interviews Megan Fry About MY HILARIOUS LIFE

AJ Murray Interviews Megan Fry

Link to video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rComlvGbY7M

IMG_6091Life is what you make of it, and there is no better example of this universal truth than the life of aspiring filmmaker Megan Fry.  In this brief but compelling interview, Ajani “AJ” Murray talks with Megan Fry about her project currently in production, MY HILARIOUS LIFE  (http://myhilariouslife.com), a documentary examining the funny side of Megan’s experiences living with cerebral palsy which not only her took her ability to stand, walk and all of the other activities abled people take for granted, but it also took her voice.  Through the power of computer technology, Megan tells AJ the story of overcoming these disabilities to follow her dreams and make herself heard.  As two filmmakers living with cerebral palsy, both AJ and Megan find common ground in the importance of humor for feeling included in the abled world.  When Megan expresses her desire to have Ellen Degeneres narrate her documentary, the conversation turns to how much Ellen has meant in both AJ and Megan’s lives.  AJ and Megan would like to meet Ellen and appear on THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW to promote Megan’s disability awareness project in a forum known for teaching the world to laugh while raising awareness of important social issues.

 meganindormMEGAN FRY has overcome both the physical and social barriers of cerebral palsy throughout her life to achieve her dream of becoming the first nonverbal quadriplegic student to live on campus at the University of Houston aided by an ironic sense of humor, the unfailing support of her family, and the power of eye-gazing technology.  Megan is now in her second year as a digital media major and continues to inspire others to overcome barriers of all types as a public speaker, artist and LGBTQ+ advocate.  Read more about Megan on her website at http://JustMyEye.com

is a professional disabled actor.  His breakout feature documentary film BECOMING BULLETPROOF opened doors for this aspiring actor who has since played roles in several films, including BARDO BLUES (2015), TAKE A LOOK AT THIS HEART (2018), and THE HOMECOMING (post-production). His breakout television debut role on Drunk History (Comedy Central) has brought notoriety to his passion as an advocate in the disability community and his appearance on the groundbreaking ABC show Speechless was another dream come true.  Ajani also works on the production side as a story consultant on the film DEALT (2017)  and in his role as script consultant for Megan Fry’s film MY HILARIOUS LIFE (2020).  Ajani has also been a programmer for Martha’s Film Festival (2015), juror and presenter for the Miami Film Festival (2017 & 2018),  juror for Heartland Film Festival (2017 & 2018), and a juror for the Savannah Film Festival (2018). He holds the position of Spokesperson for the Inspire Film Festival, The Woodlands Texas, for which he interviews filmmakers, actors, and subjects. His most challenging and creative endeavor thus far is his first short film/pilot entitled ABLE. He hopes to launch production the summer of 2019.  Ajani is represented by KMR Talent, North Hollywood, CA

posters-final-update3MY HILARIOUS LIFE (documentary synopsis) Moving out of the house and into the dorm is a given for some college-bound high school seniors, but for others it’s a huge challenge. MY HILARIOUS LIFE is the compelling true story of a nonverbal, quadriplegic teenager’s journey to independence and her challenge to persuade others to see her as more than her disability.  Megan Fry is an otherwise normal high school senior with college plans and romantic dreams. However, Megan’s greatest challenges are not physical, but social, because people tend to mistakenly assume she is also mentally impaired. They are often surprised to learn Megan has above average mental capabilities and is already an accomplished artist, public speaker, filmmaker, business person and LGBTQ+ activist, all aided by her computer with eye-gazing technology.  Family, friends and experts join Megan on her cinematic journey as both star and co-director to marvel over the miracle that is her life and to champion her dreams. Timely and mature themes are explored in this film, including sexuality, love, depression and bullying.  CAST Megan Fry, Lauren Fry, Andrea Fry, Peter Fry, Bill Hanlon, Amy Johnson, Karen Loos Jaggers.  PRODUCED BY ATALANTA VISIONS PRODUCTIONS, LLC. www.atalantavisions.com Preview Megan’s project MY HILARIOUS LIFE at https://vimeo.com/230506834

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